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Students through the student visa Canada programs

When you are a student looking into studying in Canada, you will be happy to learn that the government has put in place a very simple and easy application process. The country is known as one of the best to study in the world. When you look at the statistics, close to 200,000 foreign students have studied in the country per year. Of this, up to 6,000 attain permanent residency. This is a very impressive number in comparison to other countries. The country has almost 100 top universities that you can study in and which would give you very good education credentials.


How do you apply for your student visa?

When you want to study in Canada, you can opt to log in online and make an online application. You will be required to provide any prior academic qualifications that you have as well as TOEFL or IELTS. This two are not necessary though the top ranked universities will require you to provide them as evidence of you being able to understand the English language. Having a checklist for the necessary documents will go a long way in ensuring your application process is a smooth as possible.

What you need to prove is that you are going to Canada to study and nothing else. You must also be financially secure even though you are going in as a student. Understanding that your student visa Canada will expire when you are done with your study can better help you plan if you have any intentions of extending your stay in the country. If you have no criminal records and are of good health, your application should be easy enough.

Why do you need to talk to a counselor?

Most students are not very keen when it comes to talking to a counselor. This stage should not intimidate you as they are there to provide you with guidance on the course you intend to take as well as the university or college you will be studying in. they will also be able to advise you on what to expect with regards to your study

What expectations should you have with your student visa?

The purpose of your student visa is to ensure that you study in Canada in the University of your Choice. You can, however, decide to work either permanently or part time to a tune of 20 hours per week. Your work ativities should never interfere with your studies as you may be found in breach and your visa suspended.

How can you extend your student visa?

There are various ways of extending your student visit to Canada. You can opt to further your study and this will make it very easy for your visa to be extended. If you go into the country as an undergraduate student, choosing to study postgraduate is a good way to have your visa extended.