Unleash your pet data.

Petastic is the only customer data platform purpose-built for all pet-care-related experiences and provides access to millions of verified pet parents worldwide.


Create hyper-targeted segments compatible with your pet-specific offerings and increase conversions.


Every pet is unique. Deploy personalized campaigns that speak to the specific needs of each breed, and stage of life.


Discover which followers are pet parents and targetable details about their pet’s breed, age, and other unique attributes.


Eliminate wasteful spending by marketing to the masses. Petastic’s A.I. is “pet aware” and trained to engage with the pet parent audience.

We help brands connect to verified pet parents.

Petastic will help you deeply understand your current customers, identify new ones, and personalize every aspect of the modern pet parent journey.

Discover your pet audience.

Petastic helps you understand who is visiting your digital properties, which of those visitors actually own a pet, and actionable information about their pet such as breed, age, and many other data points.

Target millions of pet owners on your digital properties.

Stop wasting time and money blindly marketing to the masses. Petastic helps you reach actual pet owners using pet-specific targeting attributes.

Pet Audience Targeting

Drive high-quality traffic and conversions with 100+ pet and pet owners-specific targeting filters.

Pet Audience

Target petastic's verified pet audiences or build custom segments.